Informatica – Exp/Query editor missing (Dual Monitor issue)

If you happen to be one of those developers who use dual Monitors at work ,here is a problem that might drive you crazy

It is surprising that it hasn’t been fixed (atleast as of version 8.6.1), considering the widespread use of multiple monitors by developers now.

Reproducing the case

  • Open one of Informatica Clients (Designer, Workflow Manager) and a mapping/session.
  • Open the sql/expression editor for any of the above. Example (i) if you are working with a source Qualifier, opens the SQL Override (ii) If you are using an expression editor, open the editor for the expression transformation for any of the ports.
  • Without moving the entire client, move just the editor to the extended monitor.
  • Make your changes and close it. The next time you open the editor in the primary monitor, you should see this problem.

These are a couple of screen shots of how your Expression / editor might look like when you have this problem.

Query Editor Missing -- Dual Monitor Issue.

Expression editor missing - Dual Monitor Issue

This is NOT TO BE CONFUSED with the mapping that is currently checked in and hence the editor is disabled which would look like the picture below.

Checked In Object (versioning)

In this case, all you’d need to do is check out the mapping in your name before making changes (or) work with any other developer who has that checked it out in his name. You can right click on the object and Choose Versioning>view history to see what is currently going on with the object’s versioning.

Fix :

Other than reinstalling the Informatica Client (which seems to be the popular fix) , there is a simpler fix which involves changing your registry entries that will get rid of this error.

Please make sure you export your current registry settings before you do this. It is always recommended to do this no matter what’s the reason for which you are modifying your registry settings. Once in the registry editor, click on File>Export and save the registry before moving on.

  • Go to your command line and type regedit.
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareInformaticaPowerMart ClientTools<8.6.1>DesignerOptionsGlobalEditorSQL (this of course is for 8.6.1 and if the issue is with the designer. If you have a different version and if the issue with the workflow designer, replace the appropriate directory locations).
  • Change the values of the following entries to “0”.
  1. Expression Editor Position
  2. Expression Editor Splitter Position
  3. SQL Editor Position
  4. SQL Editor Splitter Position

Since the registry entry is binary (Type : REG_BINARY), you’ll need to enter the values “00” 16 times (2 bytes) to make the value zero.

Here is how my registry entry looked initially….And after the change


Windows registry entry Before -- Dual Monitor issue


Windows Registry entry after -- Dual monitor issue

Make similar edits to all 4 parameters, close the regedit file, and reopen your designer.

Informatica Dual Monitor issue - After the fix.

This issue should be fixed now.

Hope this helps….