Informatica : Unexpected Condition in file relwrtconn.cpp

I got this “fatal” error when I was running one of my sessions today wich was using a parameter file. I am currently running on 8.1.1 SP3 and this does not happen in 8.5+ anymore…

The actual path name might be different, but the C++ file “relwrtconn.cpp” would be the same.
The solution is present in the Informatica support knowledge base article 18928.

The error occurs when the relational connection for the target (under the Mapping > Targets > Connections tab) is configured using the $Target variable instead of an object from the Relational Connection Browser.
The $Source and $Target variables cannot be used for source and target connections but only be for Lookups and Stored Procedure transformations.

This is of course only if you are still working on versions older than 8.5. This “bug” seems to be fixed in 8.5.

I dont like hard coding connection details directly in the session task (as making changes to a connection name would need an unnecessary checkout and change to the session and/or workflow), so I chose the second option and used “$DBConnection_Source” and “$DBConnection_Target” for my source and connection parameters respectively.

That fixed the issue.

Lesson learnt : Always look in the Product Support Knowledge Base before creating a support ticket even though it’s an internal error and you hate to see “fatal error in .cpp file ” in your logs. 🙂