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Our goal is to add more intro to advanced level material related to all things data. Our future focus is going to be in the following areas.

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  • Rash

    Very informative and KB website. I’m very new to informatica and like to get your input/advice on how to gain the basics of informatica -powercenter. Since you’re ETL developer & very knowledgeable with this tool, What would you recommend someone like me -know nothing about informatica and DW? Couple days ago I downloaded PoweeCenter 8.6.1 from https://edelivery.oracle.com/.
    I just need to start with the basics.

    Thanks much in advance.
    I look forwad to hearing from you.

  • Tanima

    Hi Rajesh..
    Tanima here, can you please explain me how to work with control-m??

    • Rajesh

      Tanima — Control-M is a scheduling software from BMC. In Informatica environments, it is basically used to schedule work flows. It provides greater control and is typically used when you have various systems and related jobs (Database , batch scripts, Informatica work flows) and you wish to have one centralized place where you want to schedule and monitor the jobs. I’ll try and cover the details as to how to work with it in a future post.


      • Srinivasarao Kotipatruni

        Hi Rajesh, Have u already posted anything related to informatica-ctrlM scheduling. Can u plz share the link.

        • Hi Srinivas,

          Haven’t posted anything yet, as I have bery little experience with control M. Sorry, can’t help.

          • Srinivasarao Kotipatruni

            Hi Rajesh,
            Not a problem. Thank u.

  • Krishna Kant

    Hi Rajesh,,
    will u please explain informatica 8 architecture clearly..am unable to understand exactly..

    • Rajesh

      Krishna — It is too broad a topic and I am pretty sure I won’t be able to do as good a job as the documentation. If you have Informatica Installed, Go through the getting started guide and the Product Overview section. It has enough details to give you a really good overview. After that, you have to create some ETL work flows and see whats going on to get more familiarity with the tool and the architecture. See this post on how to get started.

      • Krishna Kant

        Hi Rajesh
        I have one doubt regarding the sessions.suppose I want to load 10000 records into the Target,but suddenly at one point of time my session had failed due to some issue and only 5500 records have been loaded into the Target.so How could i load the remaining records?

        • Rajesh


          You can “recover” the work flow from the workflow monitor (right click on the workflow and click “recover workflow”. This will start running the work flow from the point it errored out before.

          If you have a specific error (like say unique conmstraint failed when inserting into the target because the row is already present), you can first fix it temporarily (say, remove the record form the target for now) or pernmanently (make the session “update if the record exists” or “truncate the target table before the load” or “make it a type-2” and so on) based on your business requirement.

          Going forward, Please post the questions in the IT Toolbox forum. A lot of users regularly monitor that forum and you might get a faster response there.


  • Good Work Sir !!!!!

    • Rajesh

      Thanks Anirudh. I have found some of your responses on the IT Toolbox forum to be helpful to a lot of members as well. Keep up the good work.!


  • Zak

    Hi Rajesh,
    What is the absolute necessity of Unconnected lookup, if same functinality can be achived by Connected Lookup Transformation. Please post some real time situations where we decide either to use Connected/Unconnected Lookup Tranformation.
    Thanks for your efforts.

    • Rajesh


      The easiest way to understand this is by looking at Unconnected LookUp like a “function()” in other programming languages.
      > It can return only one value
      > It can be called directly from another expression (example Select to_char(sysdate….), to_char is a function)
      > It let’s you reuse the code inside the function by simply calling it (instead of coding the logic every time).

      I have added a post related to that here. Please take a look.


  • pavan

    Hi Rajesh,
    I am new to Informatica. I am running on version 9.1. I am getting this error in session log. Would you be able to guide.
    Severity Timestamp Node Thread Message Code Message
    FATAL 08/15/11 4:01:47 PM node_sdinf002 *********** FATAL ERROR : An unexpected condition occurred in file [/export/home/builds/pc9x_root/901HF_build/powrmart/common/odl/oracle8/oradriver.cpp] line [314]. Aborting the DTM process. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support. ***********

    • Rajesh


      This is an Informatica internal error (error in the C++ File). I would suggest looking at the Informatica support knowledge base and raising a Support ticket with Informatica for this. There is hardly anything we can do with C++ errors :).

      I had one such internal error before and the fix was related to changing my code.

      This error seems to be different though.


  • ash

    Good work Rajesh..
    we all will be thankful to you..

  • Aruna

    You are doing a fantastic job!!! Thanks for all your valuable contributions 🙂

  • vikas

    Hi Rajesh,

    Could you please help me understand the Informatica web services concept.How and where should it be used with some examples.
    It would be great if you can point me to some links or documents.
    Thanks in Advance and keep up the good work.


    • Rajesh


      Sorry, I haven’t worked with web services in a real-time environment, so can’t really help you there. Posting your comment to see if any of the readers can help. The Informatica help guide examples are good to get started with.

  • Ranganath Gandikota

    hai there,
    I have created a flatfile under infa_sharedSrcFiles folder with a single record manually typing the details giving tab space as shown below:

    empno name job mgr hiredate sal comm deptno
    7839 king president – 11/17/1981 5000 – 10

    then, in the mappings, gave the mapping connection between Flatfile SQ and target table; also, gave the file path in session source properties. everything went on well saying that the session and workflow execution is successful, but when I look to the ‘session run properties’ data is fetched, not loaded into the database table.

    I have tried using debugger to know what’s is going on, and it is showing at target instance that, there is for most of the columns.

    Can you please help to resolve the issue?