• Hi Rajesh,

    can you please share few more links for infa resources? posting one which i know.

    For Informatica tips and tutorials

  • Shankar

    Hi Rajesh,

    Similar situation like I saw in another post , with little more confusion 

    I am using an SQL Transformation in a mapping to call an Oracle procedure (passing 2 parameters )..
    The procedure call works fine, no issues.
    Please note the Main Procedure which I am calling in the SQL Transformation is actually calling 2 other oracle procedures to verify few Id’s, conditions …etc

    There is 3 exception in the Oracle procedure , when I ran the procedure using Toad or sqlplus , the exception error message are shown for each criteria I am looking for , but when I call from Informatica, even though the oracle fails with an exception the session return as successful ,
    Not sure whether this happens since I am calling procedure insider a procedure , Or something I am doing it right , in the error handling, ‘Stop on errors’ I am using ‘1’
    Can you or someone please let me know, how can I handle the exception and fail the Session with the actual error description.

    – S

  • Mirza R Baig

    Please, can someone tell me how can I use the Reconciliation in ETL process